1. Do615 went to Anthem’s event, Experience the Space!
    This event was to showcase the many facets and amenities of Anthem. A unique performance venue, a dynamic showcase theatre, an innovative and all inclusive events space.
    We enjoyed complimentary cocktails and passed culinary creations by celebrity Food Network Chef Maneet Chauhan.
    Curbside valet service and ample self parking were available.
    After the cocktail hour, performances by Nashville Cartel and a collective of artists.
    We were super impressed, be sure to check them out for yourselves!
    Visit http://anthemnashville.com/ for a calendar of their upcoming events or to book one of your own!
    Photos by Rhea Foote


  2. Record Store Day 2014 photos featuring the events at Grimey’s, Fond Object, and The Groove.

    We caught the following bands:

    Buffalo Clover

    Fly Golden Eagle


    John Oates

    The Secret Sisters


    Promise Land Sound


    Ranch Ghost

    Photos by Amber Davis, Rhea Foote, & Jason Piffier

    We have over 100 photos from the entire RSD experience. Check them out here. 


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  3. Questlove performed a 3-hour set at SEEN 


    Legendary drummer from The Roots, Questlove notoriously DJ’ed an unforgettable retrospective of hip hop Friday night at SEEN for 3 hours. Break dancers and dance battles erupted on the dance floor as soon as Questlove turned his Macbook on. He played all the classics and most important records in hip-hop history and mixed with some popular 90’s R&B.  

    Photos by Amber Davis

    We have tons more photos from this night! Check them out here. 


  4. Record Store Day is tomorrow, here is our guide to prepare for tomorrow + our list of Ticket Giveaways at Grimey’s. 

    Here is our guide for RSD

    The Giveaways we will have at Grimey’s are:

    -Band of Skulls with autographed poster

    -Music City Industry Summit

    -We are Nashville Festival

    -Alegria de Mayo


    -Schoolboy Q

    -Merlefest Theme Show at Music City Roots (with others)

    -Slightly Stoop with Mariachi el Bronx

    Grimey’s Lineup:

    11:30 - The Lower Caves

    12:00 - DJB

    12:15 - The Secret Sisters

    12:45 - Record Wranglers DJ set


    1:30 - Record Wranglers DJ set

    1:45 - John Oates

    2:15 - D~Funk DJ set

    2:30 - Promised Land Sound

    3:00 - DJRC set

    3:15 - PUJOL

    3:45 - Elise from Stone Fox DJ set

    4:00 - Bully

    4:30 - Elise Tyler from Stone Fox DJ set

    4:45 - Ranch Ghost

    5:15 - Geezus DJ set

    5:30 - Majestico

    6:00 - Geezus Dj set

    6:15 - The Apache Relay   

    We asked Jeff Pettit from Fond Object about Record Store Day.

    Fond Object’s lineup:

    12pm: JP1 - Joey Plunket of the JP5 solo acoustic

    1pm: The Tendoor 

    2pm: Buffalo Clover - releasing a live album ‘Live at the Five’ of 9 songs 

    3pm: Fly Golden Eagle 


    5pm: Promised Land Sound 
6pm: PUJOL - http://pujoldotcom.com/

    7pm: MISFRUITS (Turbo Fruits playing Misfits Covers) 

    The Groove’s Lineup: 

    12:30 DJ Chris Crofton

1:00 Shy Guy

1:30 DJ Angie Dorin (WRFN; Cat Beast Party)

2:00 Mouth Reader

2:30 DJ TBA
2:45 White Reaper

    3:15 DJ iPod
3:30 Blank Range

4:00 Record Wranglers (Bob Irwin & Tim Hibbs)

4:30  Nudity

    5:00 DJ KDSML

    5:30 Bully 

    6:00 DJ KDSML

    6:30 Nikki Lane 

    7:00 Gay Vibes

    Third Man Records Lineup:

    Check out our post on what Jack White will be up to.

    10am - Jack White recording World’s Fastest Record (limited edition “Lazaretto” 7”) and short concert

    2pm - Whirlwind Heat Live 

    4pm - Collect your RSD exclusives on your way out of the venue and enjoy your evening! 

    Here is Record Store Day’s exclusive release list


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