1. Natalie Prass, Churchyard, Christlove, and Meth Dad at Mercy Lounge.

    Remember as a kid when you hijacked all of your parents sheets and extra pillows to make a fort in your living room? That is exactly what happened to the Mercy Lounge. Throughout the night, the vibe at Mercy Lounge felt like a basement show rather than a show at a venue that holds over 100 people.

    We walked in as soon as Natalie Prass was setting up. Her stage was on the left where chairs and tables are typically at. The lights were set to a blue tone as she played. Her voice has a smooth calm tone and Prass can certainty control her synthesizers extremely well.

    Next up was underground girl rockers - Churchyards. Their songs are edgy and enjoyable to listen too. Their tone hits on old classic rock and modern garage rock.

    Right after they ended Christlove quickly set up on the Mercy Lounge’s original stage. From the crowds perspective we over heard over-joyed responses about them performing. Their style is different than the typical Nashville band, it had a little country meets jazz. 

    Last but not least was Nashville ravers Meth Dad. Their energy was eye catching as their ran around the entire room, jumped up and down with the crowd, crowd surfed and even sat on each other shoulders to sing their hook-driven lyrics. Their set was full of strobe lights and dancing - which is rare to find in the Nashville music scene.

    For more photos by Amber Davis here


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