1. Deep Machine with Opposite Box and Chalaxy at The End. 01.11.2014

    Chalaxy’s stage set up was so unbelievable! They put tons effort into giving it that “heady” vibe, color changing tape included. Check out their newest music video for standout single, “My Best,” here, and you can relive their performance at The End.

    Opposite Box, whose name is growing in the festival circuit, really packed the dance floor with their experimental sounds. These Chattanooga natives kept everyone engaged with eye candy and interaction with the crowd as everyone circled to watch the trombone jam sesh.

    Deep Machine, notorious for their live shows, closed out the night and their career as a band, with a badass performance! Knowing this was Deep Machine’s last show, their loyal fan base filled the place to show their support and gratitude for all the awesome tunes and memories!

    Photos and words by Rhea Foote

    Check out more photos from the night and YOU here! 


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