1. of Montreal with Wild Moccasins at Mercy Lounge. 1.15.2014

    Wednesday at Mercy Lounge was a night created for the people of the night. Several audience members dressed up in bright mixed-matched clothing and tribal paint on their faces. They were the super fans, the fans who knew every song and exactly what was going to happen. 

    A tall man in red and black welcomed the founding member of Montreal, Kevin Barnes, to the stage. Once Barnes humbly waved at everyone on stage the show started. Barnes had several theatrical stunts up his sleeves. Each song included interpret dancers dressed in a white costume of sorts and a human mask; their clothing popped once the projector screen shot out colorful designs onto them. Their influences from Prince and David Bowie is apparent through their glam, electro-funk style mixed with their outstanding stage performance. 

    Wild Moccasins started the night off by creating a dancing frenzy with their electronic, funk-pop style. Once their set was over, most of the audience members talked to their nearby friends announcing their new love for Wild Moccasins

    Photos and words by Amber Davis.

    We have tons more colorful pictures from Wednesday! Check out the gallery here. 


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