1. Ikey Owens (of Mars Volta and Jack White) and Rubedo with Kings of the F**king Sea and The Ascent of Everest at The High Watt


    Friday night, we had a taste of several genressuch as: funk, jazz, electronic, R&B, blues, psychedelic, ambient, and several more! Ikey Owens, mostly known for his work in Mars Volta, Jack White, and Free Moral Agents, perfectly blended funk and shoegazing psychedelics. The entire crowd was in awe as they watched Owens perform with Rubedo. Owens had a smirk on his face the entire time as he danced between the organ keyboard and another keyboard. Rubedo brought more of the psychedelic antics along with experimental electronics. 

    Blues rockers Kings of the F**king Sea and 8-piece orchestral experimental shoegazers, The Ascent of Everest opened up the night. 

    Photos by Amber Davis

    Check out more photos from this night here. 


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